19 year old music producer
based in Vienna

About Maxzwell

Meet Maxzwell, a young independent producer from Vienna, Austria. With his unique sound, often consisting of various samples chopped and mixed together, Max managed to create a large following in a short time.

His dream is to make music that inspires people and motivates them to get through everyday life. Because of the large variety of different genres MAXZWELL is able to work in, his possibilities are endless. A lot of artists around him have already noticed his talent in the past year.

For example, famous Youtube Star Casey Neistat, who has used MAXZWELLs compositions in various vlogs (reaching 1Mill+ views). Also, the young producer is known to collaborate with rappers and singers all around the globe. So far, MAXZWELL decided to release all of his music for free via a Soundcloud Account which grew to over 25.000 followers in the timespan of over a year, resulting in over 4.500.000 plays. One thing is clear: 19 Year old Max Zajer is on the way of accomplishing something big. Different to other artists, he decided to do everything independently, with the help of only his closest friends. If you want to listen to his unique way of chopping samples and have some tracks to listen to while vibin’ in the sun, you can do so here: Maxzwell´s SoundCloud

Contact Maxwell

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our tracks, give us suggestions for new tracks, or to just say hello!